ding.TING documentation


This document is written for developers and new vendors that want to contribute to the TING Concept and ding.TING in particular.

In order to understand this document in full, you will have to be an experienced Drupal developer, with knowledge and understanding of concepts of Git, GitHub, Drupal specifics (Features, Panels, CTools), Drush (and make.files), installation profiles and of course the full LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Deployment to external and production environments also requires knowlegde of Python and Fabric.

We assume that you have a working setup including webserver, database server etc. as well as access to the range of webservices used by ding.TING. For more information regarding how to obtain this see http://ting.dk/wiki/dingting-requirements.

ding.TING is complex stuff, and even experts will have a hard time grasping all the concepts, interactions and integrations in the solution. This documentation is an overview - in order to get the full understanding of the system you will probably need to look through module code and in the future ask about stuff on http://ting.dk/