Chapter 4: Ding site file structure


When installing a Ding site code from the repositories and other resources such as are checked out into a Drupal installation as a part of the deployment process (see corresponding section). When working with a Ding site is it important to understand the file structure to know where to look for code providing a specific functionality and where to place new functionality.

Ding is implemented as a Drupal installation profile ( Thus the Ding codebase is located within the /profiles/ding directory. The installation profile is subdivided into modules, themes and libraries:

  • libraries: Contain external libraries used by Ding which are not part of a Drupal module.
  • themes: Contain themes and base themes used for the Ding website and the administation interface. This includes the Dynamo theme and themes developed for the specific library should also be placed here.
  • modules: Contain modules used by Ding.

The modules directory is further subdivided into several directories where the modules are located. The contrib directory contain all community modules used by for the website. Most of these have been downloaded from All other directories refer to a checkout of a corresponding Ding repository from or from the librarys own code repository.